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What sets Move Chiropractic apart?

The Mobile Services

Let me start with the most obvious characteristic that distinguishes Move Chiropractic. I bring my services to your home in a relaxed and comfortable environment. I will do everything in my power to ensure that you have an enjoyable experience, and a service you would be willing to recommend to your friends and family. If it means we have a lengthy telephone conversation or video chat to answer any questions, I am happy to do so! If setting up outside or in a garage is more comfortable, that is also no problem (if the weather is cooperative). People are working from home more than ever, and I want to be there to provide you with a service that is convenient, so you can spend more time doing what you enjoy, rather than driving to an office and waiting.

The Treatment

Apart from being mobile, I offer other services that make me stand out from other chiropractors. Each service is provided by me personally. I am not going to set you up on a machine and leave for 15 minutes. My complete and undivided attention is yours at all times so that you can ask questions and understand how I plan to treat your condition, or really any questions you may have during our visit. Upon completion of the initial 60 minute new patient appointment, I offer a 30 minute visit and a shorter 15 minute visit. No hidden fees or "ballpark" price estimates with my services. You pay the price shown on the website no matter what treatment I provide, as long as it suits the length of time we have.

Much of my treatment is done with my bare hands. Throughout this process, I will work through tight/sore muscle groups by hand in order to regain a more natural muscle tone. In addition, I have a couple soft tissue instruments at my disposal. The first

of which is the Rock Blade. Many people refer to this process as "Graston" or "scraping". Muscle tone is restored through dilating blood vessels, which allows for an increase in blood flow, oxygen, and other vital nutrients reaching the muscles. This is usually the appearance of red skin or petechia that you notice after this treatment. The other instrument I use often is the percussion instrument. It is probably something you've seen used by professional athletes or chiropractors. In contrast to a regular muscle massager, this instrument actually percusses into the muscles which helps elongate muscle fibers and improve blood flow, instead of simply vibrating them. Similarly, it helps to reduce the tightness in some of those bigger muscle groups.

The soft tissue work typically results in the most pain relief, even prior to the adjustment. Some patients are completely pain free even before any spinal adjustments are performed. However, the adjustments are usually recommended to reduce or remove joint restrictions in the spine that may contribute to chronically tightened or achy muscles. My adjustments, if you haven't guessed yet, are also primarily done by hand. For those that prefer a more gentle approach, I also utilize an instrument that some refer to as "the clicker". This instrument still brings motion to restricted joints, but does so with a very light and controlled impulse to he joint. It goes without saying that if the joints in the body are not functioning well, the muscles that move those joints will be dysfunctional as well!

Last but not least, I typically provide you with one or two very simple mobility exercises between visits. It shouldn't be necessary for me to always be there to alleviate your pain. The ultimate goal is to get you comfortable enough within a few visits for you to be able to continue to exercise without my direct supervision. As you become more comfortable with these exercises, I will add progressions to make them a little more challenging for you to continue to improve. By the time we're finished, I would like for you to have enough knowledge that you can take care of yourself with the information I have provided, and you only need me if your condition flares up or if a new injury occurs.

If you have questions, or want more ideas for mobility exercise,

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